There are hundreds of reasons that people decide to sell their homes, but every seller has one goal in common: to sell their home as fast as possible while also achieving the highest sale price. Here are a few tips we have to help us achieve that goal together!

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There are many variables to take into account while determining the asking price for your home. Consider the size, condition, location, and other recent sales in your neighbourhood. Combining these variables, along with many others, can be tricky. You don't want to scare off potential buyers with a listing price that is too high, but also want to avoid settling for a price that is too low. Sarit and Jordan provide a free opinion of value of your home, including a market analysis. This allows you to avoid the stress of determining the right price. Contact us today and learn how much you can realistically expect to get from selling your home.

 Free Market Evaluation

It's tough to see your home objectively, but try to view it through the eyes of potential buyers. Does the house require any major maintenance or upgrades? What about the decor and presentation? Sometimes there's so much to do, the job can seem overwhelming. Stay calm! Sarit and Jordan will advise you on which renovations will add value and which reno's are a waste of money. Even small changes like re-arranging furniture and cleaning the house can greatly increase the perceived value of your home. Sarit and Jordan ensure that your house looks at its best before buyers walk through the door.

The best time to sell your home is whenever you are ready. Sarit and Jordan can advise you of the current market conditions and when to list your house for maximum impact. But overall, the most important factors to consider are personal. For example, if you have young children you might want to consider moving during the summer season so that you don't interrupt their school year. People are always moving and always looking for homes, so think foremost about the time that works best for you!

In order to sell your home, you may require some of the following services. Costs will vary widely depending on your individual situation.

  • Professional cleaning services and carpet cleaning: These services are not always necessary but can make a huge improvement in the perceived value of your home.
  • Contractors for home renovations or upgrades: Costs will vary depending on how much work you choose to have done and what materials you opt for.
  • Legal fees: Fees can range from $800-$2000 depending on the lawyer and the amount of work that is required to complete the sale.
  • Mortgage discharge fees: These fees will be specified in your mortgage agreement. Fees will include a legal fee and, if applicable, a penalty, which is sometimes equal to three months interest on the mortgage or based on an interest differential calculation.

When someone wants to buy your home, they will submit an offer to you. Your real estate salesperson will meet with you to present the offer – and explain the price and any conditions. If a live meeting cannot be scheduled, Sarit and Jordan have the means to review and sign the offers with you electronically for added convenience. Offers are often conditional upon home inspections and financing to ensure that the buyers get approved for the money they need to purchase your home and that your home is fit and move-in ready.

You have the final say in this process. You can accept, decline or sign-back the offer to continue negotiating. Sarit and Jordan will be with you every step of the way to offer guidance and help you make the best possible choice.

Once you've accepted an offer, there are often a few more steps before the sale becomes final. An appraiser from the buyer's mortgage provider may come to assess the value of the house and ensure its value is in line with the purchase price. The buyer's lawyer will conduct a title search to ensure that the home is legally yours to sell. The buyers may also hire a home inspector to complete an inspection to check the structure, roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc.

Be sure to cancel your cable and Internet service, turn off utilities and transfer any rented appliances, such as a water heater. Inform key contacts of your new address.

A few days before the deal closes you will meet with your lawyer to sign the papers and provide them with a set of keys.

Once the sale if final, congratulations!