Looking to buy or sell a luxury home?

Over the years, Sarit and Jordan have distinguished themselves as two of the most trusted names in Hamilton luxury home sales. When listing or selling within the Luxury Collection program, Sarit and Jordan's promise to you is to exclusively work with you. Together, they will be your guides in either your purchase or your sale.

Sarit and Jordan firmly believe that exceptional homes need exceptional marketing, and our Luxury Collection exemplifies that. Their marketing strategy for these properties is constantly evolving to maximize the exposure of your home to the right buyers.

What qualifies as a Luxury Collection home?

Sarit and Jordan reserve this distinction for homes that stand out on the open market. Whether it be merely the price point of the home, or a combination of the many luxurious features that a discerning buyer could look for in a home. These are the kind of features that are admired by most but only attainable for a small segment of the market. These include highly sought after locations, impeccable décor, upscale and current renovations, unique architectural features, spectacular views, and more.

Why buy with Sarit and Jordan under the Luxury Collection?

The search for a dream home can be a stressful process. For many, the search takes several years before that perfect house comes to the market. When it does, there may be others just as keen to purchase it. Aside from listing many homes on the open market through the Luxury Collection, Sarit and Jordan’s connections afford them the ability to introduce their buyer clients to many houses not currently on the open market that are available for purchase. They also work with a team of builders and designers, to help you envision and acquire your dream home even if it wasn’t immediately evident to you. This unique approach, combined with being in the majority of high end homes on the open market over the past 3 decades, helps Sarit and Jordan guide you in the right direction.